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360VR Express™ includes real-time 360 degree desktop or headset monitoring while editing on the Mac, and essential 360° plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects,
Apple Motion and Apple Final Cut Pro.
These are the 360VR tools designed and engineered by cinematic 360VR pros.™

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Powerful and easy to use 360 workflows

Are you about to start editing your first 360° video, but have come to realize it isn't as simple as working with standard HD video? That's where 360VR Express™ can help you. This easy-to-use set of plugins for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Apple Motion, and Final Cut Pro X is absolutely essential for modern 360° editing and postFX workflows.

360VR Express™ is a feature-limited version of the 360VR Toolbox plugin suite designed specifically for processing video or images from consumer-friendly 360VR cameras like the Kodak SP360 or Ricoh Theta S. This plugin suite will include support for monoscopic 180° or 360° video sources, as well as access to the basic functions of the 360VR HMD Viewer™ for real-time desktop or Oculus Rift DK2 previews from Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Features include 360° XYZ-axis re-orientation, projection of 2D logos or video on 360VR, fisheye to spherical conversion, seamless 360 noise-reduction and sharpening.

Powerful 360° tools for the rest of us.™

  • 360 Glow

    Seamless Filters

    Sharpen or reduce noise in your equirectangular LatLong video without affecting the seams or poles of your sphere.

  • Fisheye

    Fisheye Sources

    Place 1:1 horizontal facing, zenith facing or nadir facing fisheye sources into 2:1 equirectangular scenes. Lenses of varying field of views are supported.

  • Reorient Sphere

    Reorient Sphere

    Seamlessly reorient 2:1 equirectangular sources on the x or y axis. This can be very useful when a horizon isn't level or you would like to align scenes so their objects of interest cut well together.

  • Perfect for 360 video beginners.

  • 360VR Toolbox

    In this video tutorial Alex Gollner shows beginners how to use 360VR Express plugins in a 360° video post workflow using Final Cut Pro X. The plugins work the same way in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

  • Place flat elements onto your equirectangular sphere.

  • 2D on Sphere

    The Project 2D on Sphere plugin can be used to place logos in your 2:1 equirectangular projection, or it can even be used in conjunction with the Reorient Sphere plugin and After Effects' Clone Stamp to paint out your camera array's tripod.

  • And instantly see your results in your Oculus DK2!

  • Oculus Rift view on timeline

    The 360VR Viewer app provides a real-time preview of your equirectangular timeline directly on your desktop of in your Oculus Rift DK2. If you are an editor working with a client you can place a small floating window representation of the Rift view anywhere on your screen so you will always know where he's looking.

  • Take it for a test spin

  • 360VR Express has many more features to offer so download and install the free trial from FxFactory and then check out the user guide.

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    360VR Express

    Watch a walkthrough of the workflow in 360VR Express
    Watch the video