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360VR Toolbox™ includes stereoscopic 360 degree VR monitoring while editing on the Mac, and full-featured stereoscopic 360° plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects,
Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X.
These are the 360VR tools designed and engineered by cinematic 360VR pros.™

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New functionality and features included in current beta

First previewed at NAB 2015, 360VR Toolbox™ literally turned heads with its ability to preview 360 degree spherical footage in the Oculus® Rift DK2 while playing from an edited sequence in Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects. Through a successful beta test period, with evaluation and feedback from industry-leading 360VR production companies, Dashwood has added many new plugins to the suite that are essential in the post-production workflow of professional stereoscopic 360VR video. These include plugins for 360° XYZ-axis re-orientation, projection of 2D logos or video on 360VR, pan and scan output of “flat” video from 360VR sources, output of stereographic “little planet” or cubic “skyboxes” from 360VR sources, and spherical 360 blur, sharpen, glow and noise reduction filters.

New to the suite at NAB 2016 are plugins that can convert stereoscopic 180° fisheye video sources to stereo 360VR equirectangular “lat-long” projection, or stereoscopically project still images or video sources into a spherical stereoscopic 3D 360° rendering environment, a first for the 360° video plugin industry.

We also announced 360VR Express™, a feature-limited version of the 360VR Toolbox plugin suite designed specifically for processing video or images from consumer-friendly 360VR cameras like the Kodak SP360 or Ricoh Theta S.

Powerful 360° tools for the rest of us.™

  • 360 Glow

    Seamless Filters

    Blur, sharpen, glow or reduce noise in your equirectangular LatLong video without affecting the seams of your sphere.

  • Fisheye

    Fisheye Sources

    Place 1:1 horizontal facing, zenith facing or nadir facing fisheye sources into 2:1 equirectangular scenes. Lenses of varying field of views are supported.

  • Reorient Sphere

    Reorient Sphere

    Seamlessly reorient 2:1 equirectangular sources on the x, y or z axis. This can be very useful when a horizon isn't level or you would like to align scenes so their objects of interest cut well together.

  • Output a 2D or 3D broadcast version of your 360° scenes.

  • Stereoscopic output

    The HMD Preview plugin can be used to preview various 2D or stereo3D "POV" projections, even stereoscopic output to a 3DTV. Keyframe moves of the virtual camera to any orientation and use in a standard 16x9 sequence.

  • Place flat elements onto your equirectangular sphere.

  • 2D on Sphere

    The Project 2D on Sphere plugin can be used to place logos in your 2:1 equirectangular projection, or it can even be used in conjunction with the Reorient Sphere plugin and After Effects' Clone Stamp to paint out your camera array's tripod.

  • And instantly see your results in your Oculus DK2!

  • Oculus Rift view on timeline

    The 360VR HMD Viewer app provides a real-time preview of your 2D or stereo3D equirectangular timeline directly in your Oculus Rift DK2. If you are an editor working with a client you can place a small floating window representation of the Rift view anywhere on your screen so you will always know where he's looking.

  • Take it for a test spin

  • 360VR Toolbox has many more features to offer so download and install the free trial from FxFactory and then check out the user guide.

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    360VR Toolbox

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