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Dashwood 360VR New Feature Preview – Stabilization

If you have attended one of Dashwood’s recent event presentations at IBC (Amsterdam) or Profusion (Toronto) you have seen some cool new features currently in beta. Some of the new features include 360 stabilization from external AE trackers, direct support for back-to-back lens consumer 360 cameras, and instant nadir patching.

Here’s a tutorial on stabilizing using just the Reorient Sphere plugin in 360VR Express and After Effects’ free Mocha AE. (This same technique will work in stereo3D with 360VR Toolbox.)

Here’s Imagineer’s tutorial on a similar workflow using the Mocha Pro plugin – with a tech preview of Mocha VR.

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Occupied VR’s “Cut-off” 360° Doc

Cut-Off VR is a 360° documentary experience that places the viewer in the middle of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic visit to Shoal Lake 40, a First Nation in Canada without access to clean water. Viewers also visit Cross Lake, where a state of emergency was declared after a wave of youth suicides.

Occupied VR produced the VR doc in cooperation with VICE Canada, NFB, & CFC. “The Dashwood set of tools has had a huge impact on our productions” said Occupied’s president and creative director J.Lee Williams. “It is a staple in our VR post pipeline.”

We are honoured that the Dashwood plugins were used in the making of this important film.


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A 360° Video primer by Alex Gollner – NAB 2016

Alex Gollner traveled from London to Las Vegas for NAB2016 to give a primer on working with 360° VR video in Final Cut Pro X. Tim Dashwood then joined him to show some of the new features being debuted in 360VR Toolbox.

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Adobe adds VR preview & 360° Metadata Export to Premiere Pro

VR Video ModeAt NAB2015 we demonstrated our “HMD Preview” plugin from 360VR Toolbox, which was the first plugin of its kind to allow for pan/tilt viewing of 360° video within host apps like Premiere Pro. We are happy to say that today Adobe announced they are adopting that concept as a native feature in the next version of Premiere Pro CC.
This first effort by Adobe is currently only useful for previewing your equirectangular footage at any field of view or orientation, but not keyraming or exporting a “pan & scan” version. You will still require the HMD Preview plugin in 360VR Toolbox or 360VR Express to do that. However, this new Adobe feature does support both monoscopic and stereoscopic over/under or side by side equirectangular footage. It can be enabled by simply selecting “VR Video” in the Program or Source Monitor settings.

Additionally, new export options have been added to Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder to allow for embedding of special metadata required for 360VR upload to YouTube or Facebook. The feature will be available in the QuickTime, H.264 and HEVC formats, and will support both MP4 and MOV files. The metadata basically tells YouTube or Facebook that the video is 360° equirectangular in either mono or stereoscopic format.

Have a look at http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/products/creativecloud/pdfs/nab/2016-adobe-pro-video-whatsnew.pdf to see all the new features coming for Adobe Premiere Pro.

We look forward to testing these new features out in combination with all of our 360VR plugins. Swing by our booth next week in the VR Pavilion at NAB2016 to see all of our new 360VR features working in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro.

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Dashwood 360VR updates & new products announced!


FxFactory and Dashwood Cinema Solutions Will Debut New Cinematic 360VR Post Production Tools at NAB 2016

New 360VR Toolbox and 360VR Express Plugin Suites for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Apple Motion 5 and FCPX Continue reading

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FCP EXCHANGE announces NAB2016 presentations


Today FCP EXCHANGE posted its schedule for presentations being given during the the Monday and Tuesday of NAB2016. There will be interesting and informative presentations from Apple, FCP.co, Automatic Duck, Color Finale, Keyflow Pro, Ripple Training, as well as workflow discussions from the editors of Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, and so much more! Continue reading

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