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Kevin McAuliffe’s Top Five Favorite Products of 2009

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by Kevin McAuliffe

Stereo 3D Toolbox from Dashwood Cinema Solutions (Mac)

I remember a long time ago when I saw a product from Avid called Marquee. It was (is) a title tool for Avid editors, and at the time I first saw it, it ran on its own independent system, and could do things that no editor had ever thought could be done on a non-linear editor. I remember thinking to myself that it was a product way ahead of its time. Well, fast forward to 2009, and 3D is all the rage, and editing systems are just being updated with the ability to edit stereoscopic 3D (S3D) footage, but the technology is so new, that there are only a couple of systems that can handle it. Well, if that’s the case, I can only imagine how long it will take until I am able to do any S3D work. Oh, look at that, I can with Dashwood Cinema Solutions Stereo 3D Toolbox (powered by FX Factory Pro) for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express. With this plug-in, I can output my media to different 3D formats such as over/under, side by side, interlace , checkerboard and anaglyph. I can even output to YouTube 3D (yes, there is such a thing!). Needless to say, this product is way ahead of its time. I have a review coming up in January, but needless to say Dashwood Cinema Solutions has done something that is very rare in the television and feature film business, and that is bring a product to the masses so quickly for a format that is so new, and everyone from wedding editors to film editors can work in 3D, just like the pros.

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Software Review: Stereo3D Toolbox

Originally published in MicroFilmmaker Magazine Jan 1, 2010
by A.J. Wedding

Award of Superiority

“Stereoscopic 3-D is the most exciting evolution in cinema presentation since color and widescreen. The question for film-makers is not ‘why 3D?,’ since the reasons are obvious, at least to audiences, and the negatives have all been removed. The question should be ‘how do I make 3D a part of my art?'”
-James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic, T2)

It’s not a decision you should make lightly, but having a 3D version of your film can add significantly to its hopes of distribution. Even the web is starting to embrace 3D films, with Youtube 3D and several other destinations popping up all over the ether. So how do you make your movie in 3D? Too complicated? Not anymore. Like the recent Red and Redrock revolution, even 3D tools are coming down within reach of us low-budget plebians. The best and most cost effective tool is Dashwood’s Stereo 3D Toolbox for FXFactory.

Stereo 3D Toolbox Picture 1
Stereo 3D automatically makes your main video track the left (dominant) eye. You can then put in your synced up second camera video, just by dragging and dropping.


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