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Stereoscopic Style: ‘Future Fashion’ and Production’s Next Dimension

Originally published in Videography Magazine March 2010.
by Jon Silberg

There’s been buzz about 3D for several years, of course, but it seems that just after Avatar‘s first weekend grosses came out, the focus for everyone from studios to corporate clients shifted from the abstract to actual 3D work. Toronto-based designer Nada Shepherd was among them.

Fascinated by the potential of 3D to grab an audience in new ways, she wanted to find a way to incorporate 3D presentation into a fashion show. When she and Tim Dashwood, co-founder with former stuntman Paul Rapovksi of the Toronto-based Stereo3D Unlimited, got together at the beginning of this year, they set to work planning what is now the seven-minute “Fashion Future/Future Fashion” —a 3D short that combines live action and CGI and that is playable in any RealD-compatible theater.

Fortunately for Dashwood, his was among the companies that had been preparing for this moment for some time. In the year and a half prior to Avatar’s auspicious opening, Dashwood had worked out details of a two-camera 3D rig, put together a motion capture stage and developed the Stereo3D Toolbox plug-in that allows a user to edit left- and right-“eye” imagery and adjust stereoscopic issues such as convergence within Apple Final Cut Pro.


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