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Stereo3D Toolbox v2.0.1 update now available

If you have already installed FxFactory 2.1.6 you can download and install Stereo3D Toolbox v2.0.1.
Download v2.0.1

This update primarily addresses two regressive bugs introduced at the time of the v2.0 release:
1) Selecting “2D” as an input source now properly  maps the 2D source to both the left and right
2) The Alpha channel of your input media will now be maintained  in the Geometry filter

This update also includes some other improvements:
1) Zooming and panning is now available in the 3D Preview Modes within the User Interface.  This allows you to zoom in on an area of interest and fine tune disparity corrections
2) Virtual Floating Windows now have a drop-down option to use either vertical or angled masks.  The vertical masks can only affect one side of the frame at a time (single slider) but the angled options allows for full control of the top and bottom mask coordinates in pixels.
3) The input and output drop downs now include additional options to select top/bottom or line-by-line order
4) The input and output drop downs also have minor terminology changes for better clarity and consistency among the filters in the suite.  There are so many different terms in the industry to describe the same “3D format” that we have added as many “also known as” references as room allows.
5) The Autoscale button was brought up from the disparity controls folder to the top level of the UI.  This way you can easily engage it if you only need to make convergence adjustments.



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