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3DTV interview with Tim Dashwood

Originally published on June 20, 2011
by Marshal Rosenthal

Let’s begin with what the challenges of shooting 3D are for the videographer?

Tim Dashwood
The list of challenges for shooting stereoscopic 3D is very long.  Traditionally every cinematographer has always attempted to create depth in a scene through lighting, camera placement, camera movement, occlusion and lens selection.   Some of those same techniques that work very well in 2D can actually hinder the creative process when shooting stereoscopic 3D.  It almost requires ignoring your instincts and a necessity to retrain yourself on how to be creative within the limitations of S3D. Once you have been doing it for a long time you begin to think in 3D and get quicker and quicker at choosing the correct convergence and interaxial separation.  You owe it to your whole audience not to cause eyestrain.

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