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Groundbreaking 3D Calibration and Analysis System is Released

Award-winning Dashwood Stereo3D CAT™ delivers lightning-fast live depth
analysis tools and disparity/alignment tracker for 3D camera calibration

Toronto, Canada – September 14, 2011 – Dashwood Cinema Solutions developer of cutting-edge Mac®-based stereoscopic 3D (S3D) products, is pleased to announce the availability of the award-winning on-set calibration and analysis system – Stereo3D CAT™. Introduced at NAB 2011, Stereo3D CAT won “Best in Show” for its abilities to simplify stereoscopic 3D camera calibration and monitoring. 3D production and rental facility, 21st Century 3D, is one of the first power production operations to add Stereo3D CAT into their arsenal. “With the recent proliferation of stereoscopic 3D live action production, we have seen many newcomers charging into the field,” comments Jason Goodman, CEO, 21st Century 3D.  “Stereo3D CAT gives experts and novices alike the tools they require to empirically analyze their stereoscopic 3D images and eliminate guesswork in aligning 3D beam splitter rigs like the 21st Century 3D BX3.5. Stereo3D CAT demystifies many of the greatest challenges of shooting 3D, while simultaneously commoditizing the formerly expensive process of digital stereoscopic image analysis and reporting.(more…)

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