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The must-have plugin suite for After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

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Save precious time when your deadline is looming.

Utility plugins that can repair footage or do tasks that would normally require a lot of time and effort, can make all the difference in delivering your edit on time. The Editor Essentials plug-in collection includes 15 filters and generators that provide solutions to all sorts of common problems editors encounter everyday.

Editor Essentials Overview

Straightforward and powerful colour correction tools

  • Camera Gamma

    Camera Gamma

    Easily convert LOG to REC709 without a LUT or create your own custom curves. Presets are included for common Log to REC709 conversions for Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, Canon C100/C300/C500, Sony Cinegamma4, S-Log and S-Log2.

  • RGB & Alpha Levels

    Luma & RGBA Levels

    Control input/output levels & shift gamma using the exact same parameters you are used to in Photoshop. Individual channel controls are available for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha, or you can adjust just the overall Luma Levels. Histogram display is available in most hosts.

  • White Balance

    White Balance

    Was your white balance set improperly on your camera? Easily shift it warmer or cooler in degrees Kelvin. You can even compensate for green or magenta light sources. The plugin also includes presets for common Wratten colour correction filters like 80A, 81A & 85.

  • Accommodate any aspect ratio in your sequence

  • Manipulate 4x3 aspect ratio footage for presentation in widescreen formats. Scale and crop your footage or utilize the special "non-linear stretch" mode for interviews to maintain vertical resolution and roundness on your subject. Special modes for custom pillarbox backgrounds or out-of-focus background.

    4x3 to 16x9

    Unsqueeze Anamorphic!

    The Anamorphic filter unsqueezes footage shot with various anamorphic lenses including standard scope 2X, specialty 1.5X, 1.25X, as well as the rare 1.33X adapters from Panasonic or Century Optics. The Anamorphic filter can unsqueeze, crop and scale 2.39:1 aspect ratio from all 16x9 sensors as well Arri Alexa Studio's 4x3 sensor.

  • Letterbox Pillarbox

    The Letterbox Pillarbox filter will apply the selected aspect ratio to any format while allowing you to shift the behind the mask. The mask can be any colour you select and the edge softness can be adjusted.

  • Pixellate, blur or block any shape

  • Obscure Shape

    Obscure areas of image with blur or pixelization using rectangles or oval shapes, or highlight an object and blur the surrounding area. An 8-point custom shape creator is also available. All shapes have soft-edge control and can be tracked to moving footage in Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects.

  • Distortion and perspective control

  • Rotate and Position 2D footage or other elements in 3D space on the X,Y,Z axis and animate with keyframes. The 3D Axis filter can also be used to straighten forced perspective.

    3D Axis

    Simulates a distortion similar to a rotating anamorphic lens like the Kish Mesmerizer, typically used for point-of-view "intoxicated" shots in films.

  • Level Horizon

    Straighten the horizon in your image and correct fisheye lens distortion from wide angle lenses and cameras like the GoPro.


  • Powerful time-saving generator plugins

  • Quick Slate

    Quick Slate

    Quickly create program slates for commercials, music videos, series episodes, or long-form videos.

  • Countdown Leader

    Countdown Leader

    Easily create a SMPTE-style countdown leader that ends on zero or a 2-pop. The countdown can be stretched to any length

  • Frame Leader

    Frame Leader

    Generator designed to create frame leaders with either letterbox/pillarbox crop area or frame lines. All the common aspect ratios are supported.

  • Dead Pixel Fixer

    Dead Pixel

    Repair footage acquired by video cameras with a dead or blown pixel.

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    Editor Essentials

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