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Fisheye to Sphere is a plugin filter that transforms 1:1 fisheye sources to 2:1 equirectangular projection. The filter must be applied to a 2:1 sequence or clip and currently does not support stereoscopic sources.

The plugin works with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects and is included as a component of 360VR Toolbox.

Parameter Control:
Presets – Users can save the parameter configuration as a preset to be retrieved later by any instance of the plugin.

Source – Default: Other Layer/Image Well. This specifies the fisheye source. The plugin is designed to be applied to a 2:1 aspect ratio clip (slug/black media or solid layer) and then fed a 1:1 source clip. However, if the fisheye clip is centered in a 2:1 aspect ratio clip then “source clip” can be used to transform it.

Source Layer – In Adobe host apps use this option to select the source layer in the comp/sequence where the 1:1 fisheye media resides. In Apple apps use the image well to point the plugin to the fisheye source (either in the sequence or in an Event.)

Lens Field of View – Default 180. Specify the actual horizontal field of view of your fisheye source so it can be transformed properly. The range is 90° to 360° (stereographic little planet.)

Tilt, Pan and Roll – Place the center of the fisheye anywhere in the spherical equirectangular projection. This is useful to specify which direction the fisheye was pointing. For example, forward facing should remain at 0,0,0, but upward facing would be 0,90,0.

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