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HMD Viewer is a plugin filter that transforms 2:1 equirectangular sources to rectilinear pov projections in mono or stereoscopic. The filter can be be applied to a 2:1 equirectangular clip.

The plugin works with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects and is included as a component of 360VR Toolbox.

Parameter Control:
Presets – Users can save the parameter configuration as a preset to be retrieved later by any instance of the plugin.

Spherical Source – Default: Mono. This setting tells the plugin if the source is monoscopic 2D or stereoscopic over/under 3D.

View – Default: Mono HMD View. Selects whether to display the rectilinear projection in mono or a stereo format. Note that the original Final Cut Pro X version included with the first public beta also has an “External HMD Link” option for sending frames to the 360VR HMD Viewer app. This version of the plugin has been obsoleted and replaced with a MediaCore IO output option for Apple hosts.

Stereo Mode – Default: Side by Side (HMD). Only affects stereoscopic views. Selects an unsqueezed side by side (simulating a HMD view), squeezed side by side (suitable to 3DTVs) or red/cyan desaturated anaglyph (ideal for previewing the depth effect or alignment with anaglyph glasses.)

Field of View – Default 110. Specify the actual horizontal field of view of the rectilinear projection. The range is 45° to 180°

Tilt, Pan and Roll – Point the virtual camera to any orientation in the spherical projection. These settings can be keyframed to perform “pan and scan” outputs.

Adjust IO – Slides the rectilinear stereoscopic left/right eyes horizontally to simulate different IO settings in the HMD.

Orientation Burn-in – Default: Off. Turning on this option will display the current Euler orientation in degrees, as well as field of view.

Process Resolution – Default: Full. Set to half if your GPU is not able to preview in real-time.

Overlay Guides – Default: Off. Displays the 6 views (front, back, left, right, top, bottom) of 90° vertical and horizontal field of view with simple grey lines. Also toggles optional faces and text settings on or off.

Overlay Faces – Default: Off. Displays the 6 views (front, back, left, right, top, bottom) of 90° vertical and horizontal field of view as 6 different colour overlays. Only visible if Overlay Guides is on.

Overlay Text – Default: Off. Displays the 6 views (front, back, left, right, top, bottom) of 90° vertical and horizontal field of view with the names front, back, left, right, top, bottom. Only visible if Overlay Guides is on.

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6 Comments for 360VR HMD Preview™ Plugin

  1. Jon says:

    It would really just be nice to have a quick video on how to use the preview. The info here is pretty much self-explanatory.

  2. Tim Dashwood says:

    Hi Jon.

    We are working on video tutorials. We keep adding new features to the plugins and changing the way some things work during this beta period but everything is very close to being finalized and then we will do new video tutorials.


  3. Stephen says:

    Hi guys,

    I’d second what Jon says, bought the full package through FX Factory a while back and still trying to get to grips with it… A few FCPX tutorials on how to say get something recorded on the popular Theta S and output to interactive YouTube video would be a great (and hugely well received – by me anyway!) intro to start using this setup.


  4. Tim Dashwood says:

    Things are changing daily with the feature set so we’ve been reluctant to release official tutorial videos now because they will likely become obsolete very quickly with the way so much changes so drastically during this beta stage. The fisheye plugin is receiving the most modifications at the moment, so much so that it will likely become a whole new plugin in the next beta. Are you part of the beta test group? I have made tutorial videos for the beta testers, but they are not what I would consider suitable for the general public. If you would like to see those videos they are available on my Vimeo channel. https://vimeo.com/user1316431/videos

  5. Benson says:

    Hey Tim, is the HMD preview still available only for Oculus, or is the Vive and other headsets now supported as well?

  6. Tim Dashwood says:

    Hi Benson

    Yes. It is now branded as 360VR Viewer. We can only supports headsets that actually have Mac drivers, which restricts us Mac users to the Rift DK2.