360VR Toolbox & 360VR Express features

This is a preliminary feature comparison chart for 360VR Toolbox & 360VR Express plugin suites.
Features subject to change. Last update April 19, 2016
360VR Express


360VR Toolbox

Single License

$119 USD



$1199 USD

Fisheye to Spherical conversion

2D only



HMD Preview plugin

2D only



Stereographic “Little Planet”



Project 2D on Sphere

2D only



Reorient Sphere

2D & X/Y only



360VR Viewer Support

2D only



Seamless 360 Noise Reduction

2D only



Seamless 360 Blur

2D only



Seamless 360 Glow

2D only



Seamless 360 Luminance Sharpening

2D only



Seamless 360 Unsharp Mask




360VR Viewer Stereo Analysis




Stereoscopic 3D 360 In/Out for plugins




3D 360 Plane (beta)




3D 360 Sphere (coming soon)




3D 360 Particles (coming soon)




S3D Muxing (coming soon)




Back-to-Back Fisheye Support




XYZ Orientation Stabilization from tracker data



Virtual Editing in HMD (coming soon)




Nadir Patch (beta)



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