Category: Editor Essentials

Editor Essentials – 4×3 to 16×9

4×3 to 16×9 is a filter that allows for manipulation of 4×3 aspect ratio footage into into widescreen formats. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Obscure Shape

Obscure areas of image with blur or pixelization using rectangles or oval shapes, or highlight an object and blur the surrounding area. An 8-point custom shape creator is also available. All shapes have soft-edge control and can be tracked to moving footage in Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Anamorphic

Unsqueezes footage shot with anamorphic lenses. Currently works with Alexa Plus 4×3 sensor and standard 16×9 sensors. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – RGBA Levels

Control input/output levels & shift gamma using the exact same parameters you are used to in Photoshop. Individual channel controls are available for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Frame Leader

Generator designed to create frame leaders with either letterbox/pillarbox crop area or frame lines. All the common aspect ratios are supported. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – White Balance

Was your white balance set improperly on your camera? Easily shift it warmer or cooler in degrees Kelvin. You can even compensation for green or magenta light sources. The plugin also includes presets for common Wratten colour correction filters 80A, 81 & 85. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Camera Gamma

Easily convert LOG to REC709 without a LUT, or match gamma curves to a reference (chip chart) using built-in waveform & vectorscope. Presets are included for common Log to REC709 conversions for Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, Canon C100/C300/C500, Sony CineGamma4, S-Log and S-Log2. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Level Horizon

Straighten the horizon in your image and correct fisheye lens distortion from wide angle cameras like the GoPro. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Dead Pixel Fixer

Repair footage acquired by video cameras with a dead or “burnt” pixel. Continue reading

Editor Essentials – Letterbox/Pillarbox

Apply letterbox or pillarbox to footage and re-compose the image (a.k.a. “pan and scan”). Continue reading