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StereoVR Toolbox™ Beta002 Installation & Usage Guide (obsolete)

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PAGE IS ONLY AN ARCHIVE. THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR DOWNLOADING THE LATEST BETA OF 360VR TOOLBOX™ (name changed from StereoVR Toolbox) ARE AVAILABLE HERE: StereoVR Toolbox plugin suite and the StereoVR HMD Viewer™ are easy to … Continue reading

MVC 3D Camera footage and Stereo3D Toolbox

Introduction This article refers to consumer/prosumer 3D camcorders that record in the MVC format. Camera’s include: Sony’s HDR-TD10 and NX3D, JVC’s GS-TD1 and HMZ1U and Panasonic’s Z10000. These cameras record to a format called MVC – an extension of the … Continue reading