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Creates a countdown leader that ends on 2-pop or zero. It acts as a generator that can be stretched to any length.

The plugin works with Final Cut Pro X or 7, Premiere Pro CS6, Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects and is included as a component of Editor Essentials.

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6 Comments for Editor Essentials – Countdown Leader

  1. Simon Jürs says:

    Hello Dashwood
    I do not know what happened with my countdown function, it has disappeared from my themes bar in final cut pro x. I do not know how I can retrieve my purchase again from FX Factory, i hope you could help me out on this.

    Best regards
    Simon Jürs

  2. Tim Dashwood says:


    Countdown Leader is a generator so please check your generator tab, not the effects tab.

  3. D. says:

    First off, with the countdown leader, I made the clip itself 10 seconds. Not only does it start at “12″ but when it gets to the number “7″, it quickly goes back up to “9″ again. Reasons for that?

    Also, how do I get a “Beep” to go off at the 2 pop mark?

  4. Tim Dashwood says:

    If the generated clip is extended to 10 seconds duration and it ends on the 2 then it will start at 12. (-2 – 10 = -12). Therefore the typical default duration should be 6 seconds so the countdown starts at 8 and ends at 2.
    The only reason I can think of that you see it jump from 7 to 9 is that you had a previous render that hasn’t been deleted from when the countdown was a different duration. Clearing the render cache should solve the problem.

    It is impossible for us to include any sound in a video generator so you will have to use a frame or two of 1Khz tone as your 2-beep. FCP X doesn’t include it but you can use this. http://www.dashwood3d.com/downloads/1Khz_Beep.wav

  5. Simon Jürs says:

    Hi there
    I have same problem agin. Countdown Leader is gone and i don´t know how to get it agin…
    Same shit as before, after reload and uninstall bla bla bla, it still dont work for me and i dont get it. What seame to be my problem. I upgraded to the new version and i would love to use countdown – i paid for it rigt !

    Simon :-/

  6. Tim Dashwood says:

    Hi Simon.

    The Countdown Leader is a generator plugin so in Final Cut Pro X you must click the generator tab (instead of the Effects tab) to see the generators.