Scratch Track (discontinued)

Scratch Track app iconWhy waste time recording and re-recording your own voice every time a script rewrite is handed to you? Scratch Track lets video editors utilize the stellar voice synthesis available in Mac OS X to instantly create scratch tracks as AIFF files that can be edited directly in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere Pro, Resolve or whatever other editing system you are using. There are many voices available in multiple languages and regional accents.

Scratch Track has been discontinued and is no longer available on the Apple App Store. Existing customers can re-download the app from


First type or copy & paste the text you need narrated into the text area of Scratch Track. You can click “Audition” to hear how it will sound. To change the speed of the speaker just adjust the slider and click Audition again. You can select a different voice from the Voice popup menu.

The default voice is whatever is chosen as your system voice in the system’s Dictation & Speech preference pane.
When you are happy with your selection, just click “Export as a Sound File” and choose the file path and name of the new aiff file.
The .aif file can then be imported or dragged directly into your editing application and used as a normal sound file.

Add More Premium Voices to your system

Adding more high quality voices is easy. Just open your System Preferences, select Dictation & Speech, then select the “Text to Speech” tab. In the System Voice popup select “Customize” and checkmark any voice you would like to download to your system. High quality voices usually average about .5 GB so you should be selective. You can preview each voice by selecting it and clicking the Play button, or go to and test the premium voices with any phrase you like.

You will probably find many familiar voices like Samantha, otherwise known as Siri.

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2 Comments for Scratch Track (discontinued)

  1. shiah says:

    Will this work in Adobe Flash CS5

  2. Tim Dashwood says:

    Yes it should. It creates standard AIFF sound files.