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Automatically track and hide faces in After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

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Automatically track the faces that need to be hidden.

Need to hide one face, many faces, just the eyes or even just the mouth? Maybe you need to do the opposite and feature a single face in the crowd? The Secret Identity plugin can automatically track and affect faces in a scene with absolutely no keyframing!

Secret Identity

See what it's all about!

Multiple methods available for obscuring faces

  • Blur Face


    The most subtle way to obscure a face without bringing attention to itself.

  • Pixellate Face


    The pixellation size can be adjusted to small squares for facial features retention, or large for complete obfuscation.

  • Solid Color Over Face

    Solid Color

    A colored blob isn't pretty, but it also guarantees the face will never be recognized.

  • Or use any custom image or video you like

  • Custom Image over Mouth

    When broadcasters require mouths to be obscured during those "bleeped" moments you could use blur, pixellate or solid color, but it is more fun to use custom graphics! You can even put a custom graphic over the whole face, or just the eyes.

  • Invert the blur to draw attention to just a face

  • Short Depth of Field

    Are you unhappy with deep depth-of-field in your interview shots? Are there distracting objects or people in the background? Just invert the blur effect and you have instant short depth-of-field on a selected face.

  • Take it for a test spin

  • Secret Identity has many more features to offer so download and install the free trial from FxFactory and then check out the user guide and Video Walkthrough.

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    Secret Identity

    Watch a walkthrough of the features in Secret Identity
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