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Automatically detect faces and smooth out the skin in After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

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Automatically detect faces and smooth out the imperfections.

Need to smooth some freckles, hide some mild acne, or maybe give a pale face a tan? The Smooth Skin plugin can automatically track and only affect faces in a scene without any keyframing or interruption to your background!

Smooth Skin

See what's it's all about!

From subtle to obvious. You are in full control.

  • Blur Face


    The most subtle way to smooth a face without bringing attention to itself.

  • Wrinkles


    Have you been asked if you have the "Barbara Walters" filter? Now you can say "yes!"

  • Solid Color Over Face


    We don't always have the luxury of a professional makeup artist, just add a bit of flare with Smooth Skin.

  • Bring down the shine...

  • Custom Image over Mouth

    Was your interviewee sweating under the hot lights? Use Smooth Skin's highlight control to make it less noticeable.

  • or brighten that underlit face.

  • Short Depth of Field

    If the eyes are windows to the sould then we should probably make sure we can see them.

  • Take it for a test spin

  • Smooth Skin has many more features to offer so download and install the free trial from FxFactory and then check out the user guide.

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    Smooth Skin

    Watch a walkthrough of the features in Smooth Skin (coming soon)
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